Ask locals! - Tour/Land operation services for travel to Japan

Ask locals! (Land operation / tour operation for trip / travel to Japan)
"Ask locals!" is a Japanese tour operator providing travel agencies with attentive and prompt land operation services.
Especially in nature tours and Nagano and nearby area, we help you enhance your client's experience and satisfaction in Japan.

Land operation services
Booking, reservations and arrangements:
  • train / bus/ ferry tickets
  • booking of accommodations
  • restaurant, spa, admission
  • activities, event
  • private vehicle / chartered bus
  • rent-a-car

Guided tour suggestions
Naoko, the licensed English speaking guide take your client to tours to feel true sense of Japan.
  • Great nature of Japan! (Hokkaido, Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route, Kamikochi, Goto Islands and Yakushima including hikes)
  • Visit shrines with true essense of Japan and nature
  • Chase cherry blossom front!
  • Chase autmn foriage!

Tour consultation and support
To enhance your client's experience and satisfaction in Japan, ask locals!
  • True sense of Japan experiences
  • Nice and cozy accommodations
  • Transfer efficiency
  • Other local information

For safe and pleasant journey
  • For safety:
    The following applications can give you the information in the case of emergency in Japan. Some of the functions seem not to work without internet connection but they can help you somehow, especially for clients who will have time without local guide.
    • Safety tips
      For receiving warnings and alerts needs Internet connections.
    • Japan shelter guide
      You can download and install it after installing Safety tips: Tap "Evacuation advice / instruction etc." and you will see a link "Emergency Shelters" on the bottom of the page. Tap it for downloading. Locations of emergency shelters are displayed on a map without Internet connection.

  • Convenient:
    • Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi
      You can find free Wi-Fi spots on a map. Internet connection is necessary.

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