English speaking guide (licensed) for mountain amd sightseeing tours in Nagano, JAPAN. Naoko Ito will guide you around the Japanese Alps and more.

English speaking guide

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    Please pay the guide fee and expense beforehand to ensure your schedule. Booking is "First come (pay), first served" basis. Your schedule will be fixed as soon as you make advance payment. Another appointment can be made till then.

  • How to pay:
    • PayPal: I'll send you PayPal invoice by email. Even if you do not have PayPal account, you can pay by credit card.
    • Bank transfer: If you are in Japan, you can transfer to Hachijuni Bank account.
    *Please cover the service fee (PayPal charge or bank transfer fee).

  • Cancel & Refund:
    • A cancellation by you, I'll deduct JPY 10000 from your deposit (because I must have spent a certain amount of time for you up to this point. I hope to have your understanding) and refund the rest through PayPal.
    • A cancellation by me, I'll refund the hull deposit through PayPal.

  • Please note:
    • I cannot be your driver.

  • To travel agents:
    • If temporary payment on behalf of your client is necessary, please send money in advance as a tour fund by the way mentioned above (temporary payment up to JPY 3000 is acceptable).

1 day tours Scenic "Azumino" Bike & Hike
Nature Hike in "Kamikochi"
Time Travel in "Kisoji"
Cultural Walk in a castle town "Matsumoto"
Ascetic Hike in "Togakushi"
Historic city Walk in "Okaya" and "Suwa"
Snow Monkey & Onsen & Sake
Winter 1 day tours Winter Hike in "Utsukushigahara"
Winter Ascetic Hike in "Togakushi"
Winter Nature Hike in "Kamikochi"
Winter Highland Hike in "Norikura"
Winter Time Travel in "Kisoji"
Snow Monkey & Onsen & Sake in Winter
Scenic "Azumino" Winter Bike & Hike
Winter Cultural Walk in a castle town "Matsumoto"
WInter Historic city Walk in "Okaya" and "Suwa"

Two-day Mt.Tsubakuro tour
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route and a hike
One-day hike upon request
Multi-day hike upon request (staying at mountain huts)

-Any specific mountain or area you want to go?
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