English speaking guide (licensed) for mountain amd sightseeing tours in Nagano, JAPAN. Naoko Ito will guide you around the Japanese Alps and more.

English speaking guide

  • Booking:

    1. me about your preferred dates, destinations and objective of your tour etc.
    2. I'll let you know suggested plans and costs (guide fee and expense) in return,
    3. If you like the plan, please make an advanced payment through PayPal to assure your schedule.
      • Invoice: I'll email you an invoice through PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you can pay through it. If not, you can pay by credit card. (If you prefer the other way to pay, please let me know.)
      • Cancel & Refund:
        • A cancellation by you or bad weather etc., I'll deduct 10000yen from your deposit (because I must have spent a certain amount of time for you up to this point. I hope to have your understanding) and refund the rest through PayPal.
        • A cancellation by me, I'll refund the hull deposit through PayPal.
    4. See you at the designated meeting place and time!

  • To travel agencies:

    • I need to ask you the following:
      • If I need to pay some expenses on the spot on behalf of your client, please transfer the tour fund before starting the tour.
      • If I need to spend one night ahead for your tour, please pay allowance 20000 yen for this day and accommodation fee (incl.2meals).
      • If you are a travel agent outside Japan, I need payment in full (guide fee + expense) before starting the tour to assure schedule for your client.
      • Transportation service in my guide area is really inconvenient. Sometimes I need to go to the meeting place in my car (The cost will be more expensive than public transportation). Thank you for your understanding.
      • I need to ask client's signature to report my job to the organization I belong,

    • Please let me know the following:
      • Tour date
      • Meeting place and time
      • The number of client
      • Nationality of client
      • Requests on guiding (destinations, preference, etc.)
      • Time and method of your payment

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